S. Goldman Capital — Our Experience Powers Our Clients' Success

Today, more than ever, the S. Goldman Capital Management Team's six-plus decades of experience in both complex, diverse markets as well as multi-disciplinary / multi-national investing, is what powers our clients' successes.

The SGC Team has over six decades of rigorous investment management experience, including:

At SGC our Management Team offers our clients:

SGC Management Team Stands Out

What makes us stand out is not just our ability to manage and enhance the bottom line for our clients: It is also our combined knowledge and responsible leadership for today's markets.

SGC's team members have served on investment and risk committees, as well as executive leadership teams, which are the backbone of a financial industry that is strong and vital in all aspects of trading and risk management.

Our financial roots run deep, and we were early pioneers in the use of the computer modeling which helped change an industry by creating the ability to execute more informed and predictive option strategies which in turn led directly to more efficient and increased financial opportunities for profit.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and our wide range of contacts within it, provide SGC the opportunity to manage and serve our valuable client relationships, and today SGC clients reap the benefits of these relationships.

Please consult us at S. Goldman Capital, LLC, about ways we can serve your trading and financial needs.